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Welcome to Week 7 of Social Stamping. You can click here or on the banner above to view the list of today’s blog posts.

Kelly, of My Papercraft Journey, continues to do a fabulous job of hosting the Social Stamping blog posts. Thank you Kelly 😊

This week’s theme is ‘family’. Now after all this time of enforced staying at home, we might be getting fed up with our immediate family, but the upside has been more time for actually just being with these family members without the distraction and time demands of activities away from home. And how many of us have had more contact with family and friends (the family we choose!) using phones and screens and cards, finding novel ways to communicate day-to-day and for special occasions.

One such special occasion is Mother’s Day, which we celebrate tomorrow in Australia, and I’m fortunate that I’ll be able to see my mum. We share a love of and joy in card making. Mum is 3 minutes down the road from me so I often ‘shop’ from her vast Stampin’ Up! collection. With her blessing l, I’m sharing some of my mum’s beautiful cards today.

My mother-in-law is in a different region, so we will spend time together when regional restrictions are lifted. I’m sharing what I’ve made for her here today too.

Mum had the privilege of getting my Silhouette Scenes inky for the first time. It was nice to repay the favour, as I’ve been the first to use quite a few of my mum’s stamps.

The Bermuda Bay card was for my husband and me, as we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this past week.

The Gorgeous Grape card was for Miss 8 and Granny Apple Green for Master 6 – these were ‘just because’ cards.

Here are the card and framed picture I made for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.

The picture frame has sat waiting to be used since before last Mother’s Day 😬 so while I have spent a lot of time crafting this past week, my mojo for this project finally hit as the deadline loomed for this blog post and Mother’s Day this year.

The tree is from the Sheltering Tree stamp set. The leaves for the framed picture are finger prints from the kids and hubby, on the card I stamped the leaves.

Sending love and hugs to everyone for tomorrow, however you spend the day.

Next up is Siobhan, who has created a gorgeous family themed project.

Thank you again for stopping by!

Narelle 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Social Stamping | Family

  1. Oh wow!! I love the finger print tree – what a really personalised gift for Mother’s Day! And your coloured Silhouette cards are just glorious. Stunning work. All amazing and sooooo beautiful!!


  2. A wonderful collection of cards-the backgrounds on your mum’s cards are fab, so much detail and depth. Loving the coordination on the card and framed picture for your mother in law.


  3. Absolutely love the gorgeous inky creations!! And your framed sets are fabulous. I love how you’ve taken your inspiration from the frame, it’s a beautiful colour combo and using the fingerprints for leaves is such a special touch. 🙂 Siobhan.


  4. What a great take on the theme to share your Mum’s cards with us! They are fabulous, as are your Mother’s Day project sets. You know I love to take inspiration from home decor and make the card match – you’ve done a perfect job! Happy Mother’s Day! Kelly x


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