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Welcome to Week 11 of Social Stamping. You can click here or on the banner above to see a list of all the blog posts.

Can you believe we are already into June?! Even with a big part of this year spent mostly at home, living life very differently to how we ever have, time seems to be passing so fast. My daughter’s birthday is this month, so I do know it’s June thanks to her reminders but it certainly feels like it arrived too soon.

The theme for this week is ‘new (normal)’. For most, this is an opportunity to share creations made with new crafting goodies from the Stampin’ Up!® Annual Catalogue that went live on 3 June. Others may share new techniques or card designs.

Some may choose to present something that illustrates the sentiment ‘new normal’. (Which I wanted to do but ideas eluded me …) For so many of us life has changed since the pandemic onset, and it will be a long time, if ever, before things return to how they were, i.e. normal, so for now we are living a ‘new normal’. I’ve done some reading about this – ‘new normal’ is an interesting term. ‘Normal’ means typical or expected, so ‘new normal’ can imply that even though life is different or new, it’s ‘new normal’ so it’s okay – but I don’t think many people want our current world situation to continue – it’s new but it’s NOT normal! I’ll get down off my soapbox now and show you my card 🙂

My card shows a new fancy fold design. My mum made one this week and directed me to the YouTube tutorial by Iced Images for instructions on how to make it. Iced Images created this fold design and it was only posted it in April, so it definitely counts as new in the card-making landscape! I also found this blog post with some beautiful examples.

This design is called a Triple Pop-Up Cube card. In the original design the squares measured 2¾ inches (7cm). The finished card looked quite big so I made mine with the squares measuring 2 1/16 inches (5.25cm) – you can get the whole card base from one sheet of card stock. There is a template below, and table listing requirements if you’d like to have a go at making one of these.

I found it easier to adhere the decorative panels before I assembled the card. A little bit of planning means you can make it so the flap that joins the panels is not visible when the card is standing up.

And like all good fancy fold cards, this one folds flat so it fits inside an envelope.

To attach the sentiment panel I folded two small strips of card in half, put adhesive tape on each side of the fold, stuck one side to the card and one side to the sentiment. The sentiment panel pivots around the angle, and also lays flat when the card is flat.

Enjoy seeing all the ‘new’ creations as you visit the blog posts!

Vicki Boucher is next today, she makes such pretty cards, so I can’t wait to see what Vicki shares.

Thank you again for stopping by!

Narelle 😊







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13 thoughts on “Social Stamping | New (normal)

  1. This is a great fold – thanks for sharing including a template and measurements! I think of the ‘new normal’ as a post COVID society where the way we interact and how we live has been forever altered by the effects of the global pandemic. I certainly hope that high rates of infection and deaths is not part of any normal I ever have to live in! Kelly x


  2. Wow, what a card. Thanks so much for all the directions and tips. That is new! I do hope the new normal embraces the idea that being at home and slowing down the frantic pace of life is a healthier way to live.


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