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Welcome to our 14th installment of Social Stamping! You can click here or on the banner above to see a list of all the blog posts for today’s theme.

This week’s theme is ‘out of the box’. And based on group chat, I’m not the only one who found this one a bit challenging. The more I thought about the theme, the more I ideas I had about making boxes! Eventually inspiration struck and I got to christen my brand new Nothing’s Better Than bundle.

I love this set for how straightforward it is. I tend to work with one set or bundle per project rather than mixing and matching and this bundle is perfect for that. Stamp and cut and go! Two step stamping to get outlines and colour for the images, fun sentiments, and dies just for the words and images. Having said that, I’ve seen some beautiful cards using this set with other items and I’m looking forward to caseing them.

My creations for today are decorated pillow boxes that will hold 2 coffee sachets. The sachets came ‘out of the box’ to go into these gift boxes, and the recipients will get them ‘out of the {gift} box’ when they need a coffee 😉

As you can see I matched the colours to the coffee flavours. My colour consultant (Miss 9) approved the mocha and hazelnut choices but had to try an alternative for the caramel before agreeing on this one.

I stamped each of the box pieces before I scored them, and chose a different layout for each colour. Can you guess the colours? The top is current, middle and bottom are retired, (the green only recently).

The caramel sachet matched well with Mango Melody.

Orchid Opulence was just the right shade of purple for mocha.

Hazelnut sachets and Call Me Clover paired nicely.

Here are the pillow boxes folded closed. This was my first time making these and I’ve learned a few lessons for the next time!

How did you go guessing the colours?

Enjoy visiting all the posts today and seeing how ‘out of the box’ everyone’s creations are.

Nicole Wilson’s blog is your next place to visit this week. She’s a beautiful card maker so you can look forward to something special.

Thank you again for stopping by!

Narelle 😊

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11 thoughts on “Social Stamping | Out of the Box

  1. Amazing out of the box creations! Love the colour choices – you can’t go wrong with some clever matchy matchy! There’s so much potential with this bundle – can’t wait to see what else you share using it. Kelly x


  2. Very out of the box and very clever! I love how you’ve been able to match the bright colours from the coffee sachets. Kudos to your colour consultant who did an excellent job. These would make excellent end of the year gifts or party gifts. Super cool project! 🙂 Siobhan.


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